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26th March 2023

19. Marts 2022

Italian, Belgian and French cycling culture will encounter in Odder on the 26th. March!

Spring Classic offers gravel, hilly terrain, small uneven roads, the scent of the forest, the animals in the field and a sight or a reunion with the beautiful nature around the East Jutland market town of Odder.

Go for 118, 67 eller 40 km. 

“Business in front - Party in the rear”

In addition to being a "very" cool Gravel race/event, the Spring Classic GRVL also pays tribute to some of the biggest and most important Spring Classics in cycling history.

We are inspired by the 3 most beautiful races in the world: Tour of Flanders, Strade Bianche, and Paris Roubaix! 


Therefore, you can also expect a "splash" of Italian, Belgian and French culture as well as atmosphere from these particular monuments.


118/ 67/ 40km. 

Location: Odder, Denmark.

The Route

The route will take you south, east, and west of Odder. On the different route distances, you will experience a great diversity of the open countryside, forest areas, dirt roads, field roads, old disused railway lines and small villages.

The 118 and 67 km. route also takes you past the scenic and beautiful coastal areas of Horsens Fjord.

Start and finish at Spektrum Odder. The race ends with 1.5 laps of "hard packed gravel" at the running track around Odder stadium, in honor of Paris Roubaix!


1 long round 118km. + feedzone.

1 round of 67km. + feedzone.

40km. + feedzone.

History & Culture

The area has a rich cultural history dating back to the year 1363 when the town of Odder is mentioned for the first time. The course of the route is thus also a look back at several of the region's past monuments.


Test your form in this "Gravel Classic" with your friends

or against your friendly rivals!​

Spring Classic Run 

I samarbejde med Odder Atletik & Motion har du også mulighed for at få luftet løbeskoene på to velkomponerede løberuter i Odders smukke natur.

Der skal løbs efter Odder Atletik & Motions FAGT temaer, som byder på terræn til en hver smag.

F - Forrest: Nyd de smukke skovområder når du blæser henover skovens blade og grene

- Asphalt: Find modet frem og pres topfarten på de stejle snorde cykelstier

- Gravel: Hold balancen i farten på mark, sti og bane

T - Trail: Kæmp op og ned af bakkernes kuperede ruter og vandløb



Der løbes på 2 lækre løberuter designet af de mest erfarne løbere i Odder:

Skov Ruten på 6 km 

Alpe d'Huez Ruten på 10 km

Du tilmelder dig samme sted, som hvis du skulle cykle. 



Kommer du tidligt til Odder har du mulighed for at booke overnatning i en strandhytte hos Saksild Strand Camping. Som ligger 8-9 km. fra start/mål-området. 


Watch the YouTube video from the event last year!

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